Begin your journey towards mastering the art of acupuncture at our university. We offer a full range of acupuncture courses in Ancaster, ON, where you can learn everything you need to know about this ancient technique. From the basics up to the advanced concepts, we go over all the information you require as a licensed practitioner.

McMaster Medical Acupuncture is a university where you can further your health sciences education. We are dedicated to teaching you new skills and techniques with an evidenced-based approach. Our acupuncture programs are designed to cover three different levels of expertise. As you progress, you’ll soon understand every aspect of this system of treatment.

An Extensive Curriculum

The first course is the Fundamental Level, where we introduce the basic concepts of acupuncture treatment, including the neuroanatomical, evidence-based approach to common musculoskeletal conditions. We’ll also go over the safety issues and potential complications that can occur from acupuncture treatment. To best prepare you, our small group acupuncture training sessions allow you to practice safe needling.

After the first course, there is the Specialty Level, which is based on sports medicine. We’ll go into detail about sports-related issues and how acupuncture can be used to treat them. The follow-up Specialty Course is the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach, which covers the basic, fundamental, and advanced concepts.

With these three acupuncture courses, you can start from the first level and work your way up, even if you have no experience in using this technique. We’ll ensure you thoroughly comprehend the lessons of each level before you move on to the next one.

The Ideal Acupuncture University


When you’re looking for effective medical acupuncture programs, turn to McMaster Medical Acupuncture. Our university has all the courses you need to become an expert in this ancient technique. We also annually hold special seminars, and we offer month-long elective programs. No matter what your level of interest or experience in acupuncture, we offer unique opportunities to find out more about the technique.

Register for our acupuncture courses and discover how you can utilize this technique in modern medicine. We give each student the attention they require, which ensures that everyone fully understands the material. Our instructors possess the expertise to convey the essential information. When you enroll in our classes, you can feel confident that you’re learning from the most qualified individuals.

Contact us for more information on our acupuncture courses. We proudly serve students in Ancaster, Ontario, and the surrounding areas.

Comprehensive Acupuncture Courses in Ancaster, ON